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released July 14, 2014



all rights reserved


THRILL Greifswald, Germany

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Track Name: safèt
the pain of youth deep inside,
since i was young i want to fight.
you broke my heart the first time
as you deported friends of mine
far away from family
they went through shit!
in a wasted life, they want to quit.

it never ends!
it never ends!
you are guilty for sent 'em into death!

one single signature,
one life destroyed.
pretending deaf ears to
ignore their cries
i always ask myself, how you feel with bloody hands.
blood on your hands!

it never ends!
it never ends!
you are guilty for sent 'em into death!
Track Name: never let me rest
i'm fuckin' done.
chased the smell of your hair,
I heard your voice in my head.
every single word.

i'm wrong.
still i hope you'll be back,
when that cold flood is over.
when this headwind is gone.

while trees wait for leafes again,
while earth gets exploited by rich white men,
while trains and cars and planes still reign,
your web sends spies into my brain...

while life draws curses on my skin,
cuts creases deeper - my face looks thin,
i'm sitting, consuming - i'm sitting, consuming
i hate my nervous self for that.
i'm waiting and waiting - and waiting, just waiting.
either for you or my death.

and i'm a fake.
i pretend to be brave,
keep my eyes straight ahead.
but i'm a coward inside.

i'm late.
i feel the time passing bye,
wasted with searching for luck.
never found, i never found..

you, as a kind of saving cure,
as a direction to the sky above.
you, as a dream, my utopia itself.
no love! no love!

you, just distraction from a sad, sad being,
only illusion that cuts me off.
you - never ever let me rest.
no love! no love!

still missing,
still missing you,
my girl.
no love! no love!
Track Name: war
words of pride,
hope and freedom
cling in the brains
of soldiers in war.
disorder and smoke,
lifeless bodies in blood.
soldiers believe in lies,
every fight is for god.

blinded people, losing all in nothing.
a torture of pain, no winners, just dead.
masters with strings in their hands,
puppet soldiers going ahead.

clenched fists
behind the back of the families.
they were deceived
by the lies of the armies

another milestone of men
smells like burned flesh.
your heroes are false.
killing for cash,
hungry breath,
lost lifes,
uncommon profit,
hope starved.
Track Name: chasing the sun
this world gives me nothing
but hate and negative thoughts.
day by day i've chased the sun,
‘til i realized there's no light.

a cold, yet freezing atmosphere
kills loyalty in my circumstances.
day by day i shunned the dark,
‘til i realized there's no light…

in this fucking hell.
in this deep edge of routine.
this compressing skin's all i've ever been.
i have to tear it down an break away.

immaculate stoned,
every day of my life,
to fade the grey. i have never chosen
to fill the lack
of motivation,
to break the cycle that cracks me up.

there's no prospect,
there's no prospect!
no sign of cure, my wounds still weep.
there's no way back,
there's no way back!
your knife, high priced, cuts too fuckin' deep.

existence based on white lies,
shattered in my trust and faith.
i know i’m slowly rusting in my golden cage.
i have to tear it down and break away.

i hide burdens and worries locked in my heart,
while the front door's graced with a smile.
life becomes rougher and i struggle with weakness,
against my troubled mind.

i can't think straight, i can't let go,
forced to remember my dreams since this nightmare began.
day by day i've chased the sun,
'til i realized there's no light.
Track Name: with everything we have
this is more than just a house,
how can you take it away?
no money can displace.

we will defend
with everything we have!