close to you // at once alone

by Thrill

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Ohne Sorge
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Ohne Sorge Awesome mixture of Post Rock, Hardcore, Punk and something inbetween! Favorite track: not alive // lukas on cello.
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released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


THRILL Greifswald, Germany

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Track Name: human drive
hide your hateful face
in a black mask -
and bullet-proved.

beat his helpless corpse
down the asphalt.
he's weak.
too weak to breath.

push your full damn weigh on his ribs,
lung collapses.
while your fellows get
into the act.

electric shocks can't save
what your boot broke.
the ambulance can't heal
what you did.

blood spreads against your armor.
it's innocent, but full of rage.
a rain of stones falls on your rows.
and you deserved every hit.

human drive - death by mercenary!
human drive - a german history!

..and it goes on and on.

human drive - death by mercenary!
human drive - a german history!

a murder history.

still your stone-cold heart
with your pay check,
the grief you caused.

sell your soul, drown
the fire inside.
and forget.
the life you lost.
Track Name: my ruin, your profit
i’m sorry, i couldn’t handle everything,
so sorry that i was not effective enough.
i’m sorry for being weak that day,
so sorry for who i am!

what a doomed world we live in..
sacrificing our souls to just work hard enough!

we should turn our grief into anger
but we fear the loss of our homes

now we’re scared by a view in the mirror,
by the true antic behind our faked smile.

we could rip that mask off from our skin
just to flee into a world, where freedom still lives.

no sign of cure.
this keeps me down.
Track Name: juri's way home
the scariest thing i've ever seen
was a black berretta beaten into your face.

one year later you became like him:
you had problems to solve with a gun in your hand.

a decade you rot in jail, you missed to see your son.
missed to watch him grow up - he looks just like you!


as you returned to our town your second chance came quickly.
thrown like an empty bottle, it smashed beside your feet.

keen shards of your lifetime became caged and oppressed.
as you once crossed my way, i faced your eyes awful deeds.

Then you met him, the worst ghost of your past.
without dread he shed your sick blood all over our front walk.


and it was damn hard not to buckle that time.
now you're practiced to be rough,
now you're practiced to cut throats,
at a stretch, even at this moment.

and it was damn hard to be strong and affectless.
now you're adept in being a liar,
now you're adept in being a thief,
sealed off from any moral.


..and it's a direly hot day, almost too bright to watch the sky.
seems like gulls cry your name so full of despite.

the sun casts a shadow of your small, young boy
‘gainst the bloomin’ grass - it drop beside his feet.

but his silhouette’s too blurry
can't take off his tears.
although his shadow gets darker
i can't take off his fears.
Track Name: gold seeker
my head was cramped with words,
wasn't able to catch one.
i just worried for too long..

'cause of this goal in my mind,
that constantly was out of reach
and not necessary anyway.

our time should have been perfect
more haunting than any drug,
now doubts poison my heart,
but love is enough!

i didn't want to try and fail again.
didn't force you to feel a shit!
as one may say world's fake anyway
and we're no sign of truth in it.
i didn't want to start anything wrong
and i really didn't expect too much.
but awaiting means waitin’ and suffer that wastin’
of my youth.
love spreads like flowers
into my heart, my soul, my home.

a feeling so deceiving and foreign,
that i couldn't believe in.

I was looking for the one who saves me,
but i searched a lie.
was haunting fortune,
now i quit hoping to find.

‘til i understand that no one
and nothing is perfect,
‘til i understand that
i have to reflect…

…i’m close to you, at once alone.

no place to rest -
no you, no home.
Track Name: not alive // lukas on cello
i'm not alive just to fuckin' exist.